Thursday, July 23, 2009

This past weekend we went up to Greer to my sis in laws cabin and most of the Miller side were present and accounted for........Of course when I left on Monday, Cole and Clay had to stay with their second mom Aunt Erin for a few more days....they love it there!

Crew and Cade being Crew and Cade
We went "Crawdog" fishing (that's how it is said in Crew language) and it was actually fun....despite the fact that the crawdads look like a combination of scorpions and cockroaches
2 of my most hated creatures
No words need to be said about the beauty that is this pic....but I thought I would put some evidence of me actually being there.......
Photo courtesy of Caden...hey at least my heads not cut off
Never mind the stepford wives smiles Cole and Cade are donning.......they were having a fabulous time......promise :)
Yep, here's Crew spreading his vast knowledge of finger sucking to his cousin Bryce
good job're awesome
As per requested by my sis Jami

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For the 4th last weekend, we went to Tucson and stayed in a hotel........

So when we finally pulled our heads out, Paul started using his phone for pics

This is the Ostrich farm we found on the way back from we stopped and hung out

Clay was loving these birds

The boys were having a contest to see who could get the most to land on them......I think it was me that won....they all flocked to me...:)  Just call me the bird lady...when I'm sixty, I'll be the lady down on Main St. with bird poop on her shoulder!

We loved feeding these cute little deer....the ostrich on the other word.....
I had one come at my head.....what is it with me and animals?!

Me hanging out with my jackasses....oh and the kids