Monday, July 14, 2008

People have asked me what we've been "doing" this summer, and I'd like to say swimteam, arts and crafts, music lessons, or even workshops, but's been the summer of The Lego Starwars videogame.  And yes, I should feel ashamed of that, but surprisingly, no, I'm fine with that!  Yes, there will be no one handing me "mother of the summer", but hey no loss....I never figured I'd be in the running anyway!  Let the good times roll!

I'm finally posting our Fourth of July family fun gathering......I'm so on top of things.  We got together at my brother's house for a fabulous time in their pool, a bar-b-que (of course) and some fireworks....courtesy of my brother Ryan.  I can't say too much about how beautiful and spectacular they were, but they were Loud!  During and after Crew kept saying "Holy Cow Mom...firecracks!"  It was hard to look at him without laughing!  Thanks for a great time Harper's!