Monday, August 30, 2010

He cracks me up....everytime I change him...he'll just sit and laugh at admit it...the "squishier" belly and countless hours in the gym and denial of scrumptious treats is all worth it....
I needed a new challenge anyway..
Oh and a broken foot makes it even more challenging....bring it!

Yes, I broke my foot at a "self-defense" class......I get the irony...yes, I do

Friday, August 13, 2010

Crew and Cash were up this is their "first day of school"'s just me and you boys!

Yes, this is the closest I came to smiles from my sweet older boys....whataya gonna do! What cracks me up is how sweet Caden looks in this pic and how things can go so horribly wrong within 2 seconds.......look to next photo......

I'm looking into getting Cash some fitness and diet training for that serious double chin......:)

He's into standing while I hold him so let's give this a try....he so wants to be doing what the older boys are doing......growing up too fast!

Crew (while crying): "Mom, These bubbles need to go away....this is not what I wanted!"

I had to put this pic in.....cause look at Cash's's like he's saying, "Mom, really?!"