Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yay......thanks to my sister Kara and her new hubby Ryan, I can blog something....since these are the newest photos I have that I stole from her facebook..... besides Easter (which I haven't downloaded)....ummhmmm I know I'm so motivated!

Here's a few of my favorite girls!

Look at those good lookin creatures!

I think I scared a few of the guests!...oh well that's how I roll!

He stopped in the middle of his dancing to give his "fancy" smile

Cade was REAL comfortable on the dance it! work it! So proud...wait, look a tear rolling down my cheek...:)
Kara and Ryan.....may your lives be blessed with joy and happiness! And as much as I mean those words, it was hard to not laugh while I wrote them! You guys are awesome!