Tuesday, May 12, 2009


See if you can pick him up out of the crowd...that kid cracks me up

Here's the crew that came to hear Cole at his violin concert
I'm not sure who these people are :) but they were standing next to Cole, so I snapped a shot anyway
IT'S SWIMMIMG TIME:  EVERYDAY!?!  By the way, they have been swimmimg since mid April...crazy yes!
sidenote:  I'm not sure I would have chosen this particular name for the life jacket
I know major snuggy right?!  But at least it's better than his last "life jacket" with the built in blue spandex shorts....he's just excited to be out with the boys!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The kids had a 70's dress up day at school and this is what they came up with......

Of course Crew had to have a shirt too

We had family night with the Miller fam at the park.......there's nothing better than a little kickball...

A little brotherly love action......yeah my camera is sad...or maybe it's the operator
Crew and his cute cousin buddy Sammy....."she's my friend"