Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thought for the day.........

Crew: "Mom, do I have to go to primary class?"

Me: as I'm walking him down the hall to his class, "Yep! It'll be great!"

Crew: "I"m so not happy with you right now."

It's nice to know my parenting skills are really paying off.......he expressed his thoughts in a calm and rational manner......so proud! ......HaHa

BTW...he took this photo himself off the computer.....not sure what's going on with the arm outta the sleeve.....he's gettin serious I guess :)


Kristen said...

I just am getting back into my blogging world from a self-diagnosed emotional break. I just LOVE catching up on your blog. I should go to it more often. It always makes me laugh! You ARE a great parent....that's why he was so rational! Hee Hee! Love the Rocky point pictures. Your little man is soooo stinkin cute! Love ya!

Sam and Nicole Shreeve said...

hahaha I miss this kid! And Cashy boy! You guys are so awesome.