Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures found I forgot to blog....yea...since I haven't taken pics for awhile....I'm such a documenter...:)

ZOOLANDER has nothing on Cole

Mac knows how to kick it for sure!
This is such a Kai picture
of course the kids ALWAYS have to visit the Rocky Point fancy "seaworld".....
hey we're all about supporting
If I slap your'll stay that way


Mel said...

haha! Totally forgot about the "slapping your back, it'll stay" LOL!

Jami Baker said...

I need another Rocky Point vacation!!! But I absolutely LOVE the quote you have on the side of your blog!! Way funny!! "It might be a soft "j"

Katrina said...

You always have the best pictures!! Looks like a fun trip - that trampoline in the ocean looked pretty awesome too. Who thinks of these things?!

Beth Ann said...

Seriously, you guys know how to vacation!! And it ain't a real vacay without visiting the local wildlife!