Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rocky Point for Fall break: Doesn't get much better than this for my kids! Seriously...Clay was having a good time despite his face in this picture ;)

Mr. "change my clothes everyday 2 minutes" stopped his crab hunting for a quick photo

Attempting to use the trampoline in the ocean for "jumping"....more like who can stay on without being thrown off..

I tryed to get everyone in the pic for the's like herding this will do..the bookends of the kids

There's not much to say.......

All in all.........GOOD TIMES!!


Beth Ann said...

2 out of 5 ain't bad for that sunset pic! you usually have the most control over the oldest & youngest anyway! Looks like an INCREDIBLE trip! And who would ever think to have a trampoline in the ocean?? GENIUS!

Jami Baker said...

I love Cash's smile in the sunset picture. How many kids do you have again?? DANG!

Mel said...

I love Cash's face in that picture too! Contagious!

cadi said...

Man Lisa you look perdy in that pic...sunsets look good on you. ;]
how Fun! I love rocky point.