Monday, August 30, 2010

He cracks me up....everytime I change him...he'll just sit and laugh at admit it...the "squishier" belly and countless hours in the gym and denial of scrumptious treats is all worth it....
I needed a new challenge anyway..
Oh and a broken foot makes it even more challenging....bring it!

Yes, I broke my foot at a "self-defense" class......I get the irony...yes, I do


cadi said...

1.) "it was all worth it"
2.) you broke your self defense.

hahaha- Lisa you crack me up. Your one of my favorite people. I love that picture of your sweet baby- so yummy!

Mel said...

He is the happiest baby!! You know you want more since he's so easy going!!;-)

McElprangs said...

He is such a cute kid! I was wondering why you had a boot on your foot last week. That's a total bummer! Hopefully it will heal fast so you can get back to kickin some butt.

Jami Baker said...

Are all your other boys OK with Cash being the #1 hunk??