Thursday, August 20, 2009

LET FREEDOM RING (until 2:15 at least)......Almost...Crew and I are still bosom buddies for a few years, but how can I complain when he's as cute as he is! :)

The weekend before school started, we headed to Pinetop for a family reunion....a very good time!
Here's Cade with his fabulous cousin Blayke!

That would be Paul and Cade......this is a picture of what he'll look like driving in the future when he's 85 (Cade that is)

Crew just loved sweet little Navy.....always saying, "Mom, I need to hold the baby now!"

Okay so this video cracks me up for so many reasons....hear are a few......
1) Do I really sound like that? Ugh!
2) Am I always that bossy?
3) Really Crew.....fingers?! Let's be's killing me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random summerness:

The boys are hoping their "cruise ship" will be published in the Lego magazine.....yeah the boys fight over that magazine as soon as it arrives!

In the first video, Clay wanted to demonstrate his "skilz" and the 2nd one is the epitome of what happens when they swim.......crap everywhere in the pool (not literal crap, but you know what I mean), Copper barking cause he thinks he should be a part of it, and Crew doing whatever the other boys are basically random crazy things!